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Areas of Expertise

Anger Management

Do you have trouble managing your anger? Have you been told by loved ones, coworkers, your spouse/partner that you have trouble managing your anger? Are you looking for support and for someone who hears you with an impartial ear? I specialize in helping clients manage anger and adapt to a life of responding rather than reacting. I use various Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques that have proven to be successful coping strategies.

Depression & Anxiety

2020 and on proved to be some of the most challenging days, weeks and months for many people. Depression and anxiety often appear or worsen during events such as Covid-19. I provide a space where I will guide you toward coping strategies that will allow you to not only manage but return to finding enjoyment and calm.

Childhood Trauma, PTSD

I have extensive experience working with individuals who have a history of trauma, in childhood and adulthood. I have worked with many individuals who have survived various childhood trauma, ranging from physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect of any kind as well as childhood bullying and divorce. I will walk with you as you navigate to a place where you can not only manage life with your past experiences but find happiness, calm and acceptance. 

Couples Counseling

I work with couples who are experiencing infidelity, communication issues, life transitions and other relationship/life issues. 

My Approach

I strive to create a trusting partnership with you and believe that you are a whole person who is made of many parts; the helpful, the hurtful, the positive, the things we want to change and everything in between.

I provide a safe space where you can feel comfortable sharing painful life experiences and shedding those things that have proven too heavy to carry alone, a space where I will help hold your pain.


Anger Management 

Do you struggle with managing anger? Do your loved ones, coworkers, friends comment about your anger? Are you mandated to participate in anger management work? I provide a safe space where I support men and women in a co-ed setting who are struggling with anger management. The group meets once/week on Sunday's. 


Do you wrestle with depression and/or anxiety? Are you looking for support in a group with others who experience similar symptoms? Are you looking for an opportunity to practice socializing while you process your depression and/or anxiety? I hold a co-ed group for those who are experiencing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. I offer a safe space where you can sit quietly while you process and observe, or where you can discuss your struggles, your achievements and everything in between. This group meets once/week on Sunday's. 

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My Approach
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