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Nicole Sela, MA, LPCC, NCC

 Therapist/Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, National Certified Counselor

Do you have trouble managing your anger? Have you been told by loved ones, coworkers, your spouse/partner that you have trouble managing your anger? Are you looking for support and for someone who hears you with an impartial ear? I specialize in helping clients manage anger and adapt to a life of responding rather than reacting.


I also work with clients who have a history of childhood trauma and those who wrestle with PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. I use an individualized approach, including incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness that have proven to be successful coping strategies as well as various other techniques tailored to your specific needs. 



About Me

I pride myself in meeting you where you are while striving to create a trusting partnership with you, leading with an empathic ear. I believe that you deserve to be considered as a whole person who is made of many parts, the helpful, the hurtful, and everything in between. I will provide a safe space where you can feel comfortable shedding those things that have proven too heavy to carry alone, a space where I will help hold your pain and guide you toward more manageable days. I am licensed in the state of California and as well am a National Certified Counselor. 



Contact Me

I understand that problems don't always arise during business hours. I offer convenient appointments times during the week until 8pm and on weekends, both Saturday and Sunday.


Please fill out the form below, use the "let's chat", send an email or call today for an appointment. I will always reply within 24 hours.


Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tel: 323-364-5152

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